Somassage and Treatment Sessions


Somassage is a full body deep massage treatment that was developed using the principles of SOMA Neuromuscular Integration. It is designed to balance the whole body and release the myofascia. A single Somassage is an excellent introductory session and will give you an experience of how your body should feel upon completing the SOMA series. It can also be used as a maintenance or “tune up” for those who completed the SOMA sessions.

Somassage is very useful in its flexibility. It can be a very light or deep session, support specific areas of the body or be a whole body balancing session. It is an excellent performance enhancing tool to use before giving a presentation or participating in an athletic event. It is a potent stress reliever.

Since Somassage is not Structural Integration, the work is not permanent but must be repeated regularly like other massage techniques.

For Licensed Massage Practitioners, Occupational Therapists or anyone interested in learning more about Structural Integration, please check out the classes page to see the upcoming dates for Somassage workshops.

Treatment Sessions

Treatment sessions are any sessions that revolve around specific injury or trauma, acute or chronic, that need immediate attention. During a treatment session Jesse utilizes al variety of techniques and knowledge to relieve pain and improve function. He also helps his clients understand some of the potential structural imbalances and movement patterns causing the symptoms. Education is a key part of the transformation and a client’s on-going well being. Treatment plans are individualized to each specific person given their unique circumstance and bodily rate of healing.