About Jesse

Jesse Guerrero is a Licensed Massage Practitioner (LMP) and a Certified Soma Practitioner (CSP). He has also studied a variety of awareness-oriented movement studies including Biosomatics/Hanna Somatics, Developmental Movement (Laban/Barteineff) Fundamentals, Aikido and the 5 Rhythms dance method. Jesse has been practicing Soma Neuromuscular Integration since 2002.

But his connection to SOMA is life-long. He first received the work at age eight. Through this experience he gained intrinsic knowledge and appreciation for his body, mind, and spirit and consequently overcame severe asthma and many athletic injuries.

He has watched the development of the SOMA Institute since 1984 when his aunt Karen took over the SOMA training. Jesse shares his knowledge, wisdom and gentle spirit that honor his Apache background with the students and his clients. It is a deeply gratifying for him to bestow the transformative power of SOMA to the world and carry the lineage of Structural Integration forward.

Jesse teaches at the SOMA Institute and has taught Somassage®, and somatic movement classes in the USA and Europe.

“My practice is the core of my own inspiration, it sustains me is so many ways. Having seen this work for quite some time, it is a delight to be able to give so much back to individuals and the community. I believe healing and transformation are an integral and inherent part of being human. Often we only need a little help finding the right connection to remedy that which has upheld our momentum. It is joy for me to be of service in support of my clients transformations.” — Jesse